Earth Day Remix

Add your voice to our Earth Day remix

For 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, we're releasing a new version of a rap classic on YouTube's homepage -- and we want you to be in it!

Watch our brief instructional video for our Earth Day remix and then record your own version for a chance to be in the final video.

Remember, you don’t need a perfect singing voice to help out -- you can also just lip-sync or dance in your video. Help build support for clean energy and climate legislation and have fun doing it!

Follow these simple steps:

1. Watch the instructional video on this page and pause it when prompted.

2. Set up your camera and start recording.

3. Push "play" on the video for the song to begin so you can rap or lip-sync along. (Don't worry if you mess up -- start over as many times as you want.)

4. Upload your video to YouTube. In the video description, include a link to "" so people who view your video can find this page and learn how to get involved.

5. Send us the YouTube link for your video using the form below.

Submit your video before midnight on Sunday, April 18.